Maintain Satisfaction with Custom Patient Solutions

Managing out-of-pocket payments can be stressful for your patients and frustrating for your staff. Maintain trust and build your brand with Liberty’s outpatient Self-Pay Solution. Our patient-centric services work with patients to develop personalized payment plans that are a win for you and a win for them. Happier patients and less bad debt? Liberty makes it possible.

Why Liberty?

Liberty begins by analyzing your accounts within 24 hours of referral. We pursue third party coverage, coordinate payment plans and send friendly reminders, too. But Liberty also provides:

Proprietary Payment Portal

Liberty can process e-checks and credit/debit card payment through our proprietary portal, and transfer money directly to you. Have your own portal? We can use this, too.

Real-Time Documentation

We add detailed notes directly into your system as actions are occurring, so there’s no lag time.

More Operators

Liberty employs a high ratio of live operators to patients — so we can access and respond to your patients more quickly.


It costs four times more to collect from a patient than it does to collect from an insurance company.

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