Difficult Cases Causing You Pain? Liberty Can Help.

For nearly 30 years, Liberty has helped hospital systems quickly and accurately secure account reimbursement for even the most challenging claims.

Because of our unparalleled expertise in workers’ compensation and no-fault decisions, as well as the state’s policies and rate changes, Liberty can secure maximum reimbursements. As part of our process, we:

  • Analyze all accounts within 24 hours of referral
  • Review all charges, edits, coding and payer assignments
  • Identify valid insurance coverage and primary responsibility
  • Work with patients to complete PIP forms and required COB information
  • Bill health insurances to protect timely filing for no-fault claims
  • Pursue self-pay and charity care reimbursement
  • Utilize legal appeal and arbitration as appropriate
  • Meet with hospital management each month to review progress, provide operational improvement ideas and ensure that outcomes exceed hospital expectations
  • File technical and clinical appeals for workers’ compensation claims
  • Encourage patients to report employers that don’t provide workers’ compensation coverage

Liberty. Faster resolutions—more reimbursement.


Liberty’s arbitration cases have 92.4% success rate with no additional legal costs to the hospital.

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