Flexible, Expert Solutions for Even the Toughest Accounts

Today’s hospital faces myriad financial challenges—increased patient volumes, scarcer resources—and the ever-complex world of Medicare and Medicaid regulations and reimbursements. But Liberty can help. Our flexible, tailored solutions can help you with even the most difficult Medicare and Medicaid accounts.

Why Liberty?

Hospitals use Liberty because of our high collection rate. How do we do it? Knowledgeable, experienced staff who specialize in Medicare and Medicaid. Our team monitors an array of websites and subscriptions on a daily basis in order to stay informed of the changes in Novitas procedures and edits, as well as regulatory statutes. Liberty also maintains a complete library of Local Medical Review Policies, national coverage issues, CMS quarterly updates, and more.

Tailored to meet your needs

From in-depth assessments to legacy system support, Liberty provides comprehensive services. But our solution isn’t one size fits all. Whether you want just a little help or a lot, we’ll customize your program based on your hospital’s unique goals and challenges—and help you establish key metrics for determining success.

Because Time is Money

Faster collections are critical to your success. That’s why Liberty analyzes accounts within 24 hours of referral—and finalizes the majority of accounts within 60 days.


According to CMS, Medicare served 34.8 million people in 2017.



65,852,256 people were enrolled in Medicaid in December, 2018.

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