Compassion for Patients. Results for Your Organization.

Liberty’s Eligibility Enrollment Advocacy Solution helps hospitals collect on difficult accounts. Because of our unparalleled expertise in Medicaid, Charity Care and other government-based eligibility, Liberty can secure maximum reimbursements, help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.

As part of our process we:

  • Treat each patient with dignity and compassion
  • Analyze accounts within 24 hours of referral
  • Provide on-site eligibility and disability advocates
  • Utilize proprietary bedside eligibility screening and face-to-face interaction with patients and their families
  • Assist patients by advocating with payers on their behalf
  • Identify payer sources for uninsured or underinsured patients
  • Verify eligibility for government and other financial assistance programs, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Victim of Crime or liability-related injuries
  • Provide state-by-state expertise on Medicaid and Disability qualification requirements
  • Meet with hospital management each month to review progress, provide operational improvement ideas and ensure that outcomes exceed hospital expectation

Tailored to meet your needs

Our eligibility solution is comprehensive, but our solution isn’t one size fits all. Whether you want just a little help or a lot, we’ll customize your program based on your hospital’s unique goals and challenges — and help you establish key metrics for determining success.

“Liberty offers a more personalized service, which is important to me.”


— Layne G., Vendor Manager, Patient Accounts

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