Liberty Billing


Monthly client reports detail, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, Monthly and Project to Date progress. Totals from all reports are easily tracked from one to the other. Our standard suite of reports include but are not limited to:

Confirmation Report

Alphabetical listing of all patient accounts referred.

Trial Balance Report with Sorting Options

Listing of all patient accounts referred. Data elements can be presented alphabetically, by account balance, date of service and/or referral date. All transactions detailed on this report flow to the Summary Status Report.

Summary Status Report

Liberty’s premier report details the progress of the engagement in two formats, Monthly and Project to Date. All information reported compares exactly to the Trial Balance Report noted above.

Transaction Summary Report

Monthly listing of all transactions itemized by patient.

Large Balance Report

Listing of all patient accounts with balances in excess of $10,000. Current billing and follow-up status of each account is documented. This formal presentation allows clients to closely follow the most valuable accounts referred.

Appeal Report

Listing of all patient accounts appealed to payors for administrative and medical denials.

Medical Record Requests

Listing of all patient accounts which require medical records to resolve claim processing issues.

Payment Summary Report

Listing of all payments received, itemized by patient. Liberty’s invoice is supported by this detailed itemization.